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In this emotionally charged drama, Melissa Gilbert (Barbara Taylor Bradford’s ‘Her Own Rules’) and Rosanna Arquette (Desperately Seeking Susan) give magnificent performances as two mothers who must confront the nightmare that everyone thinks impossible: that their babies have been switched at birth through a hospital blunder.  Although they give birth to sons at the same time in the same hospital, Linda Wells (Arquette) and Sarah Barlow (Gilbert) could not be more different.  Linda is a hard-working single mother, abandoned by Darryl (James McCaffrey, The Truth about Cats and Dogs), the father of her child, whereas Sarah is the wealthy, educated wife of James (David Andrews, 15 and Pregnant), a successful businessman.  But their lives collide again two years later when a chance blood test reveals a shattering truth none of them would ever have dreamt possible: they are raising each other’s natural-born children.  Despite the devastating emotional impact of this discovery, Linda, Sarah and James work together to establish a meaningful bond between themselves and the two little boys - but the legal ramifications present a minefield.
Directed by Douglas Barr


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RE: Mistaken Identity
by: Stephanie
posted: 11/09/2009 15:44:30

Hello Katy and I'm glad you enjoy the film - thank you for your comments! Let us know what you think, Mistaken Identity is next showing on Mond
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RE: Mistaken Identity
by: Katy McCarthy
posted: 11/09/2009 15:14:03

This was a good film to watch and it was filmed to make people believe how difficult it is and the kind of situation you would find yourself in if you
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